1. Worker`s health protection models development and implementation (at the state, regional, industry, corporate levels etc.)
  2. Legislative issues of occupational health, occupational hygiene, and occupational medicine specialists activities.
  3. Key issues of occupational and work-related diseases. Main forms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
  4. Modern aspects of labor longevity ensuring.
  5. Current challenges and solutions to ensure the health of workers protection in the face of new occupational risks, medical workers COVID-19 diseases including.
  6. Perspective trends in activity to reduce work related cancer risks.
  7. Occupational hygiene and industrial ecology. Modern problems and ways to solve.
  8. Occupational as well as labor process factors exposure risks assessment and management.
  9. Physiological and ergonomic aspects of workers’ health maintaining.
  10. Psychosocial factors and stress at work.
  11. Domestic and international principles of occupational health and safety ensuring harmonization. Improving the regulatory framework.
  12. Medical and biological requirements for collective and individual protective equipment.
  13. Health disorders risk criteria under single-shift, multi-shift and shift-expedition work.
  14. Medical and medico-social rehabilitation modern aspects.
  15. Education and training system improvement in occupational health, occupational safety, and technosphere safety.