Of particular importance in the organization and holding of the «OCCUPATION and HEALTH» Russian National Congress with international participation is the preservation of its traditions, and the 17th Congress is no exception.

Almost two decades a significant part of the Opening Ceremony program of the event is recognition of the merits of major scientists and practitioners of Occupational Health, as well as organizations that have made significant contributions in the field of studying and promoting the problem of maintaining health in the workplace, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and preparing and supporting Congress. The ceremony of awarding honorary diplomas and prizes-symbols of the event arouses the interest and respect of its participants to the nominees.

Since 2001, several nominations have been formed; today they are as follows:

For achievements in maintaining the health of the working population of Russia

Abbott Laboratories FFC (2013)

Russian Railways JSC (2013)

SANOFI-Aventis Group JSC (2013)

International Agency for Research on Cancer (2017)

WHO European Center for Health and the Environment (2017)

Mechnikov North-West State Medical University Ministry of Health of the RF (2017)

Rostov Region «Medical rehabilitation center No. 2» (2017)

«All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Hygiene» (2019)

International Commission on Occupational Health (2019)

For achievements in the field of maintaining the health of the working population of Russia and the formation of a healthy lifestyle

«East Siberian Institute of Medical and Environmental Research» (2015)

Novosibirsk Region «City Clinical Hospital No. 2» (2015)

«Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene» (2015)

Government of the Novosibirsk Region (2015)

For personal contribution to maintaining the health of the working population of Russia

Vladimir Uyba (2013)

Yuri Kundiev (2013)

Nina Zaitseva (2013)

Tatyana Vershinina (2013)

Lydia Sidorova (2015)

Maya Eglite (2015)

Vladimir Retnev (2017)

Sergey Kraevoi (2017)

Boris Velitchkovsky (2019)

Igor Bukhtiyarov (2019)

For personal contribution to preserving the health of the working population of Russia — Academician Nikolai Izmerov Honorary nomination

Victor Rukavishnikov (2017)

For many years of diligent work in the preparation and holding of the Russian National Congress with international participation «OCCUPATION and HEALTH»

Nina Rubtsova (2017)

For the organization and personal contribution to the 1st Occupational Health All-Russian Student Olympiad

Alexander Kolsanov (2019)

The 17th «OCCUPATION and HEALTH» Russian National Congress with international participation among the laureates of awards will raise new nominees both among prominent figures of domestic and foreign Occupational Health and organizations promoting the development of the science of worker`s health.